Now Located in Illinois - Merged with Chemicoons

About LAPD Maine Coons

Over the past few years we have had many award winning cats. Including "Best Allbreed Kitten", "Best Maine Coon Kitten", "Best Maine Coon Cat" & "Best Maine Coon Alter" in The International Cat Association. We have also had best kitten, cat and alter in the southwest region many times.

In the last show year 2011-2012 IW SGC LAPD Beach Heat was the Best Kitten in the TICA Southwest Region & International Second Best Allbreed Kitten. An LAPD Kitten has also been "Best Kitten" overall 8 of the last 10 years in the southwest region and Best Cat overall three of the last seven years.

We feel our cats combine the loving dispositions of your home companions with the star presence of show cats. All of our kittens go to carefully screened homes with a full health guarantee and registration papers for The International Cat Association (TICA) upon spay/neuter. Our breeding cats are all negative for the one mutation associated with HCM (MyBPC3) and are screened, via echocardiogram, free of HCM. We are also now screening all parents for healthy hips through xray analysis by our veterinarian. Additionally, we are very selective as to the breeders we trust with an LAPD cat and rarely place breeding cats or offers stud service.

We invite you to come and enjoy our passion for the worlds most beautiful cats!

The History of the Maine Coon Breed
Maine Coons are one of America's oldest natural breeds.  The generally-accepted theory among breeders is that the Maine Coon is descended from the pairings of local short-haired domestic cats and long-haired breeds brought overseas by English seafarers (possibly by Captain Charles Coon) or 11th-century Vikings. The connection to the Vikings is seen in the strong resemblance of the Maine Coon to the Norwegian Forest Cat, another breed that is said to be a descendant of cats that traveled with the Vikings.

Click here for more information on the fascinating history of Maine Coon cats.

Description of the Maine Coon Cat
The unique head & body shape make most Maine Coons easily to identify. They have a large, long and rectangular body with a shaggy coat. Their heads are slightly longer than wide with high cheek bones and tall, prominent ears furnished with lynx tipping.


Proper Care of your Maine Coon
A proper diet is important though most cats can free feed without any weight problems. Special considerations for middle age cats should be made by using a low calorie feed. We feed our cats a diet of primarily canned/moist food. Additionally, Maine Coons are known to love water so be sure there is plenty of fresh water available.Your cat is safest indoors or in a cat-safe enclosure.  We also highly discourage declawing. All of our kittens/cats go on a strict no declaw contract.


LAPD and Chemicoons (Liz Hansen) catteries have now merged as we're getting married. You will find that our kittens combine the best of both of our lines. We do plan to continue with both cattery names, but all cats and kittens are co-owned and co-bred by both of us. Kittens are still raised underfoot with the utmost care, love and attention.  All contact for our kittens should run through Liz and the www.chemicoons.com website.